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Palmer Feb 21, 17 6:30 AM

CARA liking that one also

WolfOfProfitLy Feb 21, 17 11:00 AM

Hello @Turbobob I have recently been struggling on capturing profits and cutting losses intelligently. So, I would like to ask, what minute candles do you care about the most, in other words how do you determine when to sell or buy, since the stock is always moving up 5 cents then it goes down 10 cents, and then maybe it goes up 3 cents, and it seems choppy to me, so is there a certain minute interval you use to guide your trades? also what would be your best free up to date news source? Thanks

Turbobob Feb 21, 17 4:07 PM

Wolf - I trade using the 5 minute chart mostly or the 1 inute chart in the context of the 5 minute chart. But, I also watch level 2 closely. The charts gives me areas of support and resistance and direction. But level 2 gives me a better indication of when to buy or sell (if the chart indicates such an action). Free news? I suppose there are lots of them. But I am using stocks to trade for a monthly fee.

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