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Cmtrading24 Jul 26, 17 7:55 PM

GL i look forward to following your progress. One day i'll have enough to join the challenge.

Chopper_Trader Jul 26, 17 8:12 PM

Thank you for that comment, I litterally put it all o the line, I lost my job in November of 2016 and tried trading on my own. I did good, bad, ugly. But I knew this was for me. I cashed out my IRA and put all my confidence in Tim and his team. The way I look at it is go big or go home. Good Luck in your journey and I hope to see you right there with me my friend.

MikeG2012 Jul 26, 17 9:08 PM

Good luck man. I plan on joining the challenge soon. I'm in the alerts chat in the mornings and it's incredible sometimes seeing people post stupid questions that are easily answered by studying and watching videos.

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wannabestocktrader Jun 29, 17 4:52 AM

Then, as I learn from content on this site, I realized the real truth: they aren't. They are just trying to get attention and sell whatever nonsense they can to the uneducated. That's why is so amazing, there's a lot of useful, legit content, and people who are truly trying to help us become better traders if w'ere willing to study, listen, and tune out all the other nonsense.

huperauxano Jul 03, 17 6:43 PM

I looked up AVEO on Finviz and it has 106.4M Shares Outstanding and 106.4M Shares Float listed. Doesn't seem to be low float? What number of shares defines low float? Still learning so trying to define what the 'low-float loud-mouth fanboy' described here means in numeric terms. Thanks!

HeathenSaint Jul 04, 17 8:59 AM

PS. Safety eyewear when using a chainsaw

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leotheartist Jun 03, 17 10:41 AM

wow man that was intense. Im glad you're open about your loses. I'm not even trading yet and I'm having trouble managing my emotions so I don't go run and start trading because i think I've learned enough.

MikeG2012 Jun 03, 17 1:41 PM

Yeah, FOMO, being over eager to trade, those are some of the things I've had to deal with also just paper trading. Mortimer Duke, LOL, that's funny.

DSTOX Jun 03, 17 6:05 PM

i started studying the markets january 20th of this year.. 2017.. since then i personally seen a handfull of these huge spikes that you spoke of, keep in mind i dont watch the market everyday,so point is , i learned that there will always be a good play around the corner.

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MsMoneyHoney May 11, 17 10:05 AM

I bought HTMM on the advice of many here as well. Right now, I'm still on Trader Checklist and expect to finish that up soon. But, I do know one thing, going over the software in Part 7... well, let's just say I can't wait to get my hands on thaaaaat - as soon as I can.

markymark9191 May 11, 17 11:21 PM

@Zone_Trader well I'm not that new, i feel like i know the basics. What the format of HTMM? what topics does it cover?

Fox_Trader May 13, 17 8:17 PM

How to make Millions Get it. It covers all the above. Think it was listed on eBay a few days ago not sure if it's there anymore

Fox_Trader May 13, 17 8:24 PM

Once your wanting to fine tune your targeting, then go after ,Shorting, Level 2, Part Deux. Follow Tim's trading challenge order.

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MikeG2012 May 10, 17 10:03 PM

Beautiful pre-market & morning spike on MTBC, I was watching that one. Wifi issues suck. I have free wifi at work but it's not strong enough to load STT. So I have to use my mobile hot spot if I want to do any paper trading. It eats my phone data like crazy!!! Makes things very limiting.

EARL May 10, 17 11:40 PM

@MikeG2012 that's good that you witnessed it though. That's how you'll learn. Also, I learned that wifi is very important today when my STT crashed mid-trade on ZPAS. But thanks for the comment! Good luck trading :)

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MikeG2012 Apr 29, 17 10:01 AM

Thanks again. Lost my STT software for now, i'll get it back in a few months. I miss it dearly!!!

Turbobob Apr 29, 17 11:28 AM

Phoenix - I trade the charts. But normally, only look at stocks between $1.50 and $20.00. So there is no particular reason why I trade stocks around $10. It is just a coincidence their chart patterns are the ones I like to trade.

Benhawkes Apr 30, 17 5:32 PM

Thanks for the video Bob

Rocket88 Apr 30, 17 11:44 PM

Great Video Bob. I have been watching all you videos and watch list. Learning something new everyday. Soon Ill be ready to start trading.

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