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asefporl May 27, 17 3:03 PM

Mr Himmeny i am currently using suretrader but i have some problems, i am mainly a short seller and they have 0 shorts available for any stock, the other problem is the fees that are killing me, im paying almost 25$ for 1 entry 1 exit. I was wondering if you could tell me how much do you pay for a round trip at IB and if they have shorts available for the kind of stocks we both trade(low flaot runners like HTGM/PULM/CCCR). Thank you for your time

AshtonDtrader Jun 03, 17 8:55 PM

Whats up Himmeny, its Ashton from the mastery class. Great video man! the triangles and overall explanation of your risk/reward levels, gave me some great insight. I look forward to watching more.

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Dtorres69 Jun 27, 17 12:46 PM

Thanks, hope you are better

STicker Aug 10, 17 12:18 PM

Thank you for sharing, all the best from Europe!

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@spartridge just became a fully transparent trader today!

SexyTiger69 Apr 21, 17 5:27 PM

Hey Stave, may I ask why do you want to learn Hebrew?

Pendragon Apr 21, 17 6:00 PM

Sure. Actually I'm learning to read Hebrew so I can read a Torah scroll. It's really interesting, but I'm just getting started. Shalom.

SexyTiger69 Apr 21, 17 6:25 PM

the Torah got a lot of beautiful stories! to bad people use that beautiful book to there own "profit". good luck with studying that! if you want i cant text with you in Hebrew

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