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PoisnFang Dec 19, 17 10:04 PM

Thanks for the post! Really nice advice!

ThomasLegend Dec 19, 17 10:20 PM

I also use only line charts with this method or I'm not even looking at a chart if I know the stock already. I'm not looking for new stocks everyday - some stocks exhibit the same pattern daily over and over. I just look at the price action. Its not the ideal way to trade but not looking at the chart has completely reinforced for me how important it is to buy on weakness and sell on strength.

asfricksrs Dec 19, 17 10:27 PM

Great information thank you. Recently had internet go two consecutive days and had my phone available, never considered it as the the main trade tool however - that would depend as you noted upon preparation/visualization of the price action. Thanks for the idea and key price points!

ThomasLegend Dec 19, 17 10:32 PM

@asfricksrs Yes I'm forced to day trade with my phone when opportunities arise given my circumstances currently. Love trading blockchain stocks - the overall theme bias is to go LONG and I'm buying dips - a formula for success. Otherwise I'm primarily a swing trader using Superman's strategies. Happy trading!

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