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Rebela007 Oct 13, 17 12:39 PM

will feel a great deal of relief once you make that first trade believe me. Take care and good luck!!

jsiv95 Oct 13, 17 2:27 PM

you have to accept that loosing is quintessential when it comes to trading. Learning how to lose is probably the best thing that can happen to you right now. don't learn to make money. learn to lose small. embrace the losers. they make you a better trader.

jsiv95 Oct 13, 17 2:31 PM

trading smaller won't help you if have the wrong mindset from the get go. By trading smaller what you're actually trying to do is minimizing the fear of losing. You don't want that, its the wrong mindset. its not about minimizing the fear, its about accepting it.

MoCurley Oct 13, 17 5:43 PM

@_Tradeswell_ @Rebela007 @Jay95570, thank you guys so much I really appreciate all the input. It seems like an amazing community and all this commentary definitely helps I'm looking forward to Monday and trying a small trade win or lose. Thanks for taking the time out to respond to my post I really really appreciate all of the input and it's really helped with the mindset and perspective!

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Jonk87 Oct 09, 17 1:26 PM

@Jane_kenney I'm quite sure you're likely not profitable yourself otherwise you would know the answer to your own question.

Mpalex Oct 10, 17 4:45 PM

Dude, when you go r/g there has got to be some massive party for the chatrooms! Keep at it!

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