I've been studying. A Lot more the usual. When I haven't been able to get in front of a computer device of some sort, I've been listening to SteadyTrade's podcast which has been very helpful in filling in pieces of what I need 2 know. And now, I feel that the universe is throwing me in 2 the full time Day trader's world by the means of: 1st) I quit my 2nd part time job (things were getting out of hand). And now my 1st part time job (been there off & on for 17 yrs.) is having a ruff time. Not working/no pay check at all B4 the Turkey day holiday. And Luckily I still have my 3rd job for now.

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Shodan2017 Nov 25, 19 10:31 AM

Just remember to trade safe and not force trades

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