@JeffBurnett I have "borrowed" your watch lists you have made so far. Thank you. I have also started making some of my own. I am interested in long term investments, as well as other things. I am from Odessa/Midland, TX. so we have the oil boom from the Permian Basin, so I will do a bit of research here to see what might be beneficial to invest in. If you are interested, let me know. Thank you, Teri.

JeffBurnett Apr 11, 10:33 AM

@TMeise you're welcome, I actually need to add to a few of my watch lists, I am glad they can help. I'm no expert...yet...just still learning and studying! I used to live outside Dallas, so yes I am interested, thank you and good luck!

TMeise May 16, 12:34 PM

Are you still interested in some information on the oil boom going on here?

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@MtradeVegabond I want it research this ticker to see if it is pump or if it will benefit us a couple of us. I received it in a text. PWRMF.

MtradeVegabond Apr 03, 10:20 AM

if you received it in a text its a pump now you just have to find out the company thats doing the promo

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