aarucle Dec 25, 15 9:51 PM

I was using optionshouse for about a year. Mostly for options and occasionally for stock/etf trades. The only strength it has is that with $500 dollars you can paper trade with real time level 1 quotes. Use the paper trading for practice, but that is pretty much it.

aarucle Dec 25, 15 9:54 PM

While using Etrade Pro, you have access to real time Level 2 Quotes for Stocks and Options, and really quick executions.

SIMPLY_PRIVATE Dec 26, 15 8:30 AM

I Love Optionshouse.....The platform is awesome..... never had execution issues....I do also use IB nd the benefit there is forex. and 4am open market and 8pm closed market, whereas with ptionshouse 8am and closed 5pm

R3negadeTrader Dec 26, 15 7:04 PM

Etrade Pro for sure just because of the level 2 and how great the executions are. I have both since I trade options as well in a cash account with OptionsHouse. But I'm still using Etrade's charting and level 2...even their level 2 for options is amazing!! Etrade's mobile app is easy to use as well incase you are swinging a stock

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