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TimeFliesBuy Sep 01, 17 6:07 PM

Can I add, for me at least, it also feels like my wins have tricked me, it's like I think ok I have this down, and then poof Im wrong. Adapting in a month like this has been a very quick process, almost like a 3 dayturnaround depending on what the setup was.

crzyNDhed Sep 02, 17 1:03 PM

Along with getting overconfident with a couple of winning trades, I also forgot about hindsight bias. It is too easy to have a hypothesis on a stock and remember the times you were right and forget when you were wrong. This may have convinced me to take a couple of misguided trades on stocks that were not on my watch list. Thanks for the comment and good success to you!

smillie327 Sep 04, 17 2:22 AM

The book Trading in the Zone is excellent guide on alot of what you are pondering lately!

crzyNDhed Sep 04, 17 12:21 PM

I have that on my list so maybe I will read it next. I am currently listening to Trading For A Living and reading A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis. According to Anna Coulling once you understand VPA, psychology will no longer be an issue. We will see. Thank you!

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