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Palmer Aug 29, 16 8:31 AM

@iJasonR you'll find that various sources can have different dates, times, or not even listed. That's why you should always check mulitple sources.

iJasonR Aug 29, 16 8:50 AM

gotcha, thank you!

Kbott Aug 29, 16 6:06 PM

Great list, much appreciated as always :)

jfavila03 Aug 31, 16 6:26 PM

@Palmer How do you go about getting this list? Is there a scanner that you use?

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eatsleepprofit Aug 28, 16 10:49 PM

@jfavila03 I scan for increasing volume but the key to swing trading is the daily chart setup. If its looking to break resistance especially with news. Ill ride it for a few days to see how it goes. My day trades have been on point but swings are tricky in these markets

timothysykes Aug 29, 16 11:25 AM

Nice post but we removed links to outside profiles as remember I received several complaints about you in the past

MaverickRTG Oct 05, 16 6:10 PM

Great post and it got me thinking. Maybe the best way is to make a "real" watchlist during the premarket? That way you can see what is currently "in play" and also check for news/daily chart/hype whatever but at least you know it's doing something since it's active premarket.

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jfavila03 Aug 05, 16 4:54 PM

When trading /ES using Ichi, do you use trailing stops? If so, how do you calculate them?

TraderDunn Aug 05, 16 6:16 PM

Personally I don't use trailing stops. I do use OCO order. I only tried one contract so on in OCO order I have a stop and a profit target. If you want to use a trailing stop it probably should depend on if your swing trading day trading or what you want to do personally.

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PhilipHegarty7 Jul 08, 16 8:10 PM

@cwood by best looking charts, do you mean highest upside potential? and how do you search for earnings winners? videos aren't too descriptive

jfavila03 Jul 09, 16 12:21 PM

@PhilipHegarty7 best looking chart would depend on your strategy. In my case i look at support and resistance. Both intraday and daily in comparison to the closing price. Since I am long biased i look to see that price closed near high of day with strong volume. If the closing price is too far from the high it doesnt make my list because it may take a while to form another breakout.

JMDev Jul 09, 16 1:24 PM

^ This.

cwood Jul 11, 16 10:10 AM

@PhilipHegarty7 By best looking charts, I mean the charts that fit proven price patterns. I have posted a lot of repeating earnings winner patterns on here. I use a website dedicated to low priced earnings winners. Send me a direct message if interested, can't post external links on anymore.

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jfavila03 Jul 07, 16 11:14 PM

Ha! My broker trades and I asked him the same thing this morning. As for me I do allnof the above. I read book after book. Ive watched hundreds of hours of you tube videos. Several Sykes videos. I read blogs. I do google searches for other setups. I only use one setup that seems to work for me. But it never hurts to learn another

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@AirplaneJane I'm reading up on trading futures. What I'm struggling to understand is what happens when the contract expires and it's time to settle? If I buy 1 contract for the Emini S&P, will I be required to to fulfill the terms of the contract? Excuse me for sounding naive.

jfavila03 Jul 05, 16 11:57 PM

Yes it does. Thank you both. I wouldnt want to be in the hook to perform on the contract.

jfavila03 Jul 06, 16 12:01 AM

Im also wondering about profit/loss per contract. The emini s&p has a value of $50 for every point. If I go long 1 contract and the price goes up 1 full point, my total profit would only be $50? Or is there more that I am missing?

TraderDunn Jul 07, 16 6:09 PM

Yes your profit would be 50 dollars. If it goes up 10 points 500$. And he is right you would have you exit your position. I didnt know if the link helped you out or not

TraderDunn Jul 07, 16 6:23 PM

IF you trade oil /CL or Gold /GC these are the big contracts. There are mini contracts of these too.

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@TraderDunn When trading futures, what happens on the settlement date of the contract? Are you then required to act upon the contract you are holding? So if you bought 1contract for the Emini S&P future, would you be required to buy the entire value of the contract?

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Willthetrader Jun 15, 16 11:13 AM

Watcht the first one video and this stuff will very help you , trust me.

Willthetrader Jun 15, 16 11:16 AM

And how I search to find my stock , I go too and go to the screener and I look for 52 week high, it help me because normally when a stock is making is new high or his new low , it's because the stock has a big or downtrend moove and that's what you want to look for.

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