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Fox_Trader Feb 24, 17 6:46 PM

Another good one, got in on this play as well dip bought on support. Volume faded got outta it, was thinking it would bounce.

VLK Mar 09, 17 10:50 AM

@Turbobob When buying the 1st pullback, you say you buy the first green 5 min candle to make a new high. Do you mean you buy when this first green candle makes a new Dayhigh, or just the first green candle to be higher than the previous red candle? (Great videos btw!)

Turbobob Mar 09, 17 11:23 AM

ASssume a stock is pulling back and makes red candles. Then it makes the first green candle. I am looking for the next candle to be green and to make a new high above the previous candle. That is where I go long. But, if it is too big of a pull back then I don't follow the pattern.

VLK Mar 09, 17 11:31 AM

Understood! Thankyou for the quick answer.

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