@ilikebbstock I am thinking of moving to Interactive Brokers, sheerly because of the big difference in trade costs (it's about $1 per trade at IB). Is there a reason you are sticking with TD?

luan0088 Sep 16, 14 9:07 AM

what do u mean, i can swing trade all i want? what would be swing?

ilikebbstock Sep 16, 14 9:09 AM

A swing trade is one that is held overnight into the next day or days

luan0088 Feb 24, 15 8:47 AM

@ilikebbstock if u had 15 thousand dollars, what brokers would u use? go with sure trader to get out of PDT rule or use other broker?

ilikebbstock Feb 24, 15 9:43 AM

not familiar with suretrader but if it can get you around PDT Id do that

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@DrMatt30 Hey any advice on brokers? Why doesn't everyone use Interactive Brokers if the cost per trade is so low?

eheldman3 Jul 22, 14 4:19 AM

Becuase IB requires a min of $10k to open an account.

johnross Aug 15, 14 7:37 PM

@eheldman3 IB also requires that you have made at least 100 trades at another broker on their application.

MarkAus Nov 21, 14 5:36 AM

Hi John, I deleted the comment to your reply as I noticed date was old. Yeah, money talks and if you wave the pretty paper you can usually join anything. Especially on the web.

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I just wanted to post a couple of things that I think could help the Traders who are following me. From my past big loss on ELON I have learn that knowing how to buy or sell on the pre-market is very important. I personally called Interactive Brokers and TD Ameritrade so they can tell how to sell the pre-market. If I would of known how sell the pre-market I would avoided a big loss on ELON. I was long overnight on ELON, and it gapped down at the open. Lesson learned now I know how to buy and sell pre-market. For those who want to know, if you have TD Ameritrade, look at Time-in-Force when you place a trade. When you choose "EXT" that means that you can buy or sell pre-market. For those who have Interactive Brokers and use TWS you need to go to File Global Configuration => Presets => Check Mark Allow .......... Call customer service for the full details. Have a successful trading week :) P.S. For those of you who were wondering why I haven't traded this week was because I was waiting on account transfers into my TD account. I got a margin call, because of the PDT rule. All my transfers have finally gone through and I finally don't have to worry about the PDT rule. Yay....:)!!!!

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johnross Aug 27, 14 7:20 PM

Pre-market is a good way to lose money. I have done it. Nathan Michaud posted something recently saying that it is a good idea to avoid trading Pre-market. You can open an account w/IB with $5000, but it will be an IRA account & no shorting allowed.

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