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jungem05 Mar 23, 18 10:24 AM

I agree. There's no market volume today to bring any trades worth it. It's probably due to the Major Exchanges having a could of red days this week.

jonwhamilton Mar 23, 18 5:08 PM

I feel ya! I made a little bump on YANG.

olresistance Mar 23, 18 6:00 PM

good observation. are you on a margin acct? i had a similar problem originally, but ever since i switched to a cash account i can trade everyday. i do this by using 1-2k per trade per day while maintaining a risk of 1% of my account. so roughly 75-80 dollars risk per trade. maybe this could work for you rather than a margin account. it keeps you a lot more disciplined imho.

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Scott_nowrealtrader Feb 25, 18 12:26 PM

Nice that sure is exciting but be prepared for their to be losses, make sure to trade small at first and to cut losses quickly, make sure that this does not stop you studying and remember to track a spreadsheet with the setups you want to play and to track your trades and reasoning and see where to improve. Good Luck!!! It may take you awhile to become profitable even for Tim Grittani the huge success story it took him six months of being non-profitable. :)

olresistance Feb 25, 18 3:11 PM

Good luck, brotha! I remember that feeling exactly. To finally open an account and begin real trades is such an empowering feeling. You'll be just fine so long as you have studied hard and are prepared to continue to do so. Look forward to your trades.

bullbuster Feb 25, 18 10:07 PM

@Scott_PaperTrader_legit Thanks for the advice and the comment! Number one rule, cut losses quickly! I am very scared to lose money so I'm hoping that I can wait for the right set ups to get in and out at.

bullbuster Feb 25, 18 10:08 PM

@olresistance Thanks for the comment! I am super excited. Gonna wake up early, keep studying, and do lots of research. Hoping and praying for the best. Can't wait to get started though!

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bullbuster Dec 28, 17 6:30 AM

@Madbash I heard Etrade Pro was pretty good. And I agree that real money helps you learn a lot better

bullbuster Dec 28, 17 6:30 AM

@Assassin9 Sorry, I can't help you there. I don't use to show my paper trading trades. I would guess you would have to pay for a plan in order to get that.

Kody Dec 28, 17 7:19 AM

@jonahhughes Yeah that makes sense. I think very small position is the best way to go, especially if you have a price per share broker, then you're only paying $2 round trip. If you decide to go with Stocks To Trade just remember that you won't be able to execute real trades through there so you're back to dabbling with whatever order entry platform your broker offers.

olresistance Feb 25, 18 3:17 PM

Hey brotha. Just wanted to let you know, I've also had this issue in the past. Here's what I do/have noticed. Right when market dings, it usually takes about 1 minute for paper trading servers to actually kick in. So at 9:31/9:32 you can begin paper trading on t.o.s. if for some reason you wanted to buy in a position before that, just remember the price it's trading at on the time/sales when you said buy and go into the "trade" tab on t.o.s - "all products" - type your stock in - right click on

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