$1,615 profit FCEL Short Stock

Entry comments: Shorting via IB, entire sector getting crushed just like I said it would in my watchlist, goal is to make 50 cents/share

Exit comments: Taking small profits, gotta get my head right, I chased this one a little too much due to guilt over missing the big initial drop while making a video lesson about VEND

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spartacuslovesmisskorea Mar 11, 14 1:50 PM

Wow, FCEL and PLUG charts look nearly identical. moving and breakdown in tandem.

Kgamble Mar 11, 14 2:40 PM

Tim will you be moving to short plug?

racquetrob Mar 13, 14 12:09 AM

learned lesson to never turn your back when trading. went to lunch when plug was heading up and returned finding it rocketing down. should have made a conditional trade with limits to minimize loss.

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$2,764 profit YOD Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this late day breakout, probly gonna test/break new day highs, probable morning spike/gap up from trapped shorts, fi the company was smart, they'd have a PR and join this Chinese mobile content gold rush, good risk/reward after several days of consolidation, wanted bigger position but I'm not gonna chase, goal is to sell in the 6s today or tomorrow

Exit comments: PERFECT morning gap up/spike premarket, not gonna risk any big sellers where this is hitting my target of 6...congrats to longs, might keep going, but there's no specific catalyst so I play it safe and take my roughly 30 cents/share profit

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racquetrob Feb 28, 14 10:04 AM

don't know how you saw 5.89 today. I bought @ 5.77 on 5/27 and saw a price gap down to 5.50 this morning? What did I miss? Currently at 5.40.

timothysykes Feb 28, 14 10:21 AM

RacquetRob I sold premarket, where $YOD touched $6, get in the game

racquetrob Feb 28, 14 10:51 AM

found trade info in pre market trades. Normally don't look at these trades but I will now.

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