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stockmarketSSJ Dec 01, 15 1:18 PM

I made the same mistake of getting greedy on EURI this morning! Should have set my sell order at 1.37-1.38 instead I was playing around between 1.4-1.44. Silly mistake that I make way too often!

Tunde1306 Dec 01, 15 1:24 PM

The power of the greed is strong in us newbies. Really going to start implementing Tim's strategy and be a little bitch taking profits at the 10% mark or so.

Bet0nBlack Dec 01, 15 8:33 PM

You must have been watching over my shoulder this morning. I turned a 80 dollar trade into a loss. just because 22 cents x 400 shares was not enough for me. LOL Stupid

Tunde1306 Dec 02, 15 1:04 AM

@Bet0nBlack Damn bro, we gotta do better lol. Greed is the root of all evil. From now on I'm going to vow to be a bitch in my trades. And punch myself in the face when I break my rules. Either I'll finally start to pick up good habits or end up in the E.R.

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[TimAlerts] $VVUS the company has until October 1st (correct me if I'm wrong) to accept the offer. Thats only a little over 2 weeks from now.


[TimAlerts] Im not long on $VVUS tho. If it does get accepted then it has potential to hit $2.67 so there will definitely be room for profits to be made then. Hopefully it will happen early next week tho to hold the moment it has.

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