Fox_Trader Aug 19, 16 10:28 PM

Multiple brokers will help!

taf7vick Aug 19, 16 10:33 PM

thanks Jason! I'll take that into account.

justin7122 Aug 21, 16 9:06 AM

A cash acct is really worse then PDT rule, unless your happy with making under $40 per day, sitting at a desk for 9 hrs a day. The PDT rule is more then enough trades if you only trade "great set ups" and o/n plays. The ppl concerned withe PDT are gamblers.

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@timothysykes TIM, It is very overwhelming to focus on anyone or two of these bunch of stocks to watch that you put out given that we only have a window of 10 -15 minutes for anyone of them to spike at market open and be done, sometimes for the day. The one/two you focus on might not be the one(s) to spike and by the time you get to the ones that spiked, they are already fading. pls if you can narrow it down to one, two or at most three. I know many people share this concern.

timothysykes Aug 15, 16 10:52 AM

LOL I try my best every day, get in the chatroom and see the hottest plays

taf7vick Aug 15, 16 3:39 PM

Obasi - i felt the same way. This is a hit or miss, i was very overwhelmed with the number of stocks. I was skeptical about the chatroom but in all honesty that's where magic happens. It's an 'underground' community and that is really the difference maker

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ShogunTX Aug 08, 16 2:35 AM

of those taugh in the DVD. I would expect a 3/2 risk level on GEVO if and only if the news tomorrow makes it an earnings winner. Cut loses at .60 if it doesn't move up, take the meat of the move exiting around .90-.95 cents if it is in fact a winner. Just my thoughts as I continue to learn ~T

taf7vick Aug 08, 16 9:57 AM

ShotgunTX - you were on the money!! I saw it pre market and tried to comment earlier but coudn't find a way to do it from my phone. Anyway, good call. My plan was to go in after a saw an uptrend, obviously it didn't happen. I already feel like up in the day :)

taf7vick Aug 08, 16 9:58 AM

iJasonR - yes sir! saw the news early this morning, was watching it from my phone....

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