tedwhite Jul 23, 20 2:48 AM

Awesome dip buy trades! I see you nailed the exact dip, low of the day level. How do you do that? I mean are you using a specific analysis? I would love to know. Thanks. Bye

MasterofScalping Jul 25, 20 2:36 PM

its just guessing and experience...every fast drop witout news is a dip buy.. like opening 2.60 -8%..then washout again is. a buy..mostly

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@ilikebbstock Hello! I noticed that sub-penny stocks are your niche and it's where you're most profitable, how did you stumble upon them, and are there any difference in trading to a non sub-penny stock? I am just asking because I could easily put $50 on a stock and easily make 300% tripling my investment. I find that quite impressive, thanks!

tommyvercetti55 Feb 15, 18 8:04 PM

Thanks for your reply, I've got so many questions about them, but my main 2 are those, Is it even possible to short those stocks? You really need to be so sure before shorting them lol. And, what do you consider a small float? I usually find small float a company that only has 20 million or less in shares, but in the sub-penny world you can buy 20 million shares and it could be just a 5 thousand dollar position lol, do you consider 100 million to 500 million small float? Thanks again!

ilikebbstock Feb 16, 18 1:00 PM

low float is generally under 100M for me. Shorting penny stocks, well it is done, but probably not subpennies too expensive for margin.

tedwhite Feb 16, 20 9:11 PM

Hi ilikebbstock, what broker do you use?

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