$1,225 profit DECN Long Stock

Entry comments: Recent Supernova scheduled an update about their coronavirus products in 2 days, should run into that, goal is to make 10-20%, nothing huge, just going for a single here on this new press release and early spike

Exit comments: One of the easiest trades of the month, nothing huge, but recent Supernova with upcoming coronavirus news, buy on the anticipation of the April 23rd event, all my goals have been met so I'm out and won't get greedy, congrats to all longs here

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Grambo Jan 31, 21 11:07 AM

going through the bootcamp; this is a good lesson for an almost immediate mistake I made. Morning spike needs to prove itself somewhat before buying. Back to the books for now...

Slug_Life Jun 23, 23 10:57 AM

Wow, very cool to see these patterns play out. Day 27 and I continue to learn many things every day.

Mattafy Apr 07, 11:21 AM

thanks Tim I enjoy these "field trips" to Profitly....I am starting to see the charts and learning to consider multiple timeframes

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