KTM4NICK Aug 10, 15 8:00 PM

and yeah im only 20, so ib would be the good way to go?

KTM4NICK Aug 10, 15 8:01 PM

and tim says robin hood has crap executions

Cali_Trader Aug 11, 15 12:23 AM

I have been using E*trade for half year and I just pay 9.99/trade, they told me $500 is not necessary to keep it open, I dont pay any monthly fee and it doesn't look i will get charge soon, my balance is every day the same unless I trade. (please If you find out what's up with the $100 subscription let me know, I am also curious about that)

Kasey21 Aug 11, 15 3:45 AM

It is 9.99 for the buy and another 9.99 for the sell. so about $20 for round trip. If you an afford an account with IB, it is definitely worth it. The only pain I had with IB is the hoops you have to jump through to set up your account to be capable of trading penny stocks.

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Fatbeetrader Mar 26, 15 9:06 AM

Hi @turay7 thank you for your comments. check out my blog at www.fatbeetrader.com the blog has hour upon hours of free videos and blog post that show you what I'm looking at when i trade (and my thought process.) I have run a very high end 90 day bootcamp online in the past and am considering running other training for traders who want to become profitable in forex without all of the bullshit hype. sign up for the email list at my site youl be the first to know about any training being run. chee

Fatbeetrader Mar 26, 15 9:08 AM

#FOREX $eurusd trades are past break even

lbikhope Apr 05, 15 5:23 PM

i like it well done

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@ilikebbstock who are you using for your picks? or software? Just looking for knowledge thanks

turay7 Mar 12, 15 8:31 PM

@ilikebbstock I saw that you most likely trade sub penny and I am interested in trading that too. But I would like to know your criteria. I mean how to you choose a stocks to trade. You are doing good. I will be glad to learn your strategies.

ilikebbstock Mar 13, 15 12:14 PM

Unfortunately its not something I can type here in one sentence. Follow me on twitter might help see what Im seeing

tradingbaker Apr 18, 15 1:39 AM

NVM - thanks - I found it ! good stuff!

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@forextycoon just became a fully transparent trader today!

Kurdman Feb 19, 15 2:13 AM

Dude - (?) there are no trades logged since 28/29 November 2014??? And now your selling a signal service. Doesn't make sense that you're using Profitly which creates transparency (which would be good for a service provider) and there are no trades listed(?)

forextycoon Jun 19, 15 12:50 AM

@Kurdman since profit.ly doesn't connect with Forex brokers all trades have to be entered manually. I have been doing it once a month but am switching to once a week.

kkk9233 Aug 06, 15 4:03 AM

@forextycoon You have a profile on myfxbook ? that sure connects with Forex brokers. I would like to see your trades in the past year at least.

turay7 Sep 11, 15 10:35 PM

Can you please post your resent trades on profit.ly as well as share with us your myfxbook username. Thanks

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Hi, can you tell me how you trade forex? I am ready to learn right now as I am doing with penny stock. Feel free to share with me your strategies. @AndyL

turay7 Oct 03, 14 11:17 PM

@AndyL Would you please teach me how to use the volume spread analysis tool? I want to learn be a better trader. Who is your broker for your forex and stocks trading?

AndyL Oct 05, 14 1:32 PM

Sure @turay7. I use FinFX for forex and Etrade for stocks. I've used Fidelity and Suretrader for some stock trades too, but for sub penny stocks, Etrade is my broker.

turay7 Oct 05, 14 6:49 PM

@AndyL Thanks Andrew. Let me know where and when I can meet you to I can let your strategies. I just register on socialtrader.me

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@AndyL Who is your FX broker? And what kind of leverage are you using? So far the results you are showing aren't possible with a $100 dollar starter account. Don't get me wrong here because I think these are great results and admire your success.

AndyL Sep 02, 14 8:57 AM

I am making these forex trades on a much larger forex account. I like to trade $100-500 per pip (tick). I just placed the first trade in the $100 account with .06 ($0.60 per pip/tick). I use an offshore broker with 200:1 leverage.

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