Going to unload another worthless year old penny stock soon. 2014 was full of dumb uneducated mistakes.

ProfitSnatcher Jul 26, 16 10:40 AM

@Jamiehoss Just keep studying and look over your previous trades. You will see your errors.

rugby Sep 14, 16 11:10 AM

I'd say subscribe to me, build your portfolio steadily

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Watch list for 6/14 plus ARGS MRTX AAOI

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DCF373 Jun 13, 16 10:01 PM

I like your list, so you mostly focus on trend reversal plays?

SINGH_TRADES Jun 14, 16 1:35 AM

Yes I would love to know how you come up with your watch list. The thought process behind it. Thanks

Jamiehoss Jun 15, 16 7:19 AM

if you guys would read her blog it answers alot of your questions

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[TimAlerts] EBIO was it a day trade or a swing either way 50% I would be out too I took a 7 cent loss and was out my second trade


[TimAlerts] Im just going to put this out there, a couple of weeks ago I got into EBIO at .30/share and got out for a loss at .20/share, to see the numbers this morning is making me sick (puke)

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