LOL only 19 of you liked this video? http://tim.ly/2vFi2PS hmmm, but that's good, I guess I don't need to do videos like this in the future, easier for me, whew!

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dancarter70 Aug 09, 17 2:47 PM

Great vid Tim! Hopefully will join you next year. Trebled my very small account already with 33 trades since June. 75.76% winning trades!! All of which are shorts. I'm so crap at going long. Thavks anyway Tim!! Dan Carter.

TheStudent Aug 09, 17 5:53 PM

You're keep forgetting that we're lives in 24 hrs world... Everything takes time!

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Received 103 Karmas
CrazyWillows Jan 21, 12:14 AM

Great lesson, thanks Tim for sharing this with us. Keep spikers on your watchlist, key lesson on ramping then consolidating and watching the higher lows, also correct entry puts the trade in your favour.

PocketPAT Feb 18, 8:12 PM

Thanks Tim!!! Thanks Roland!

Leemoney83 Mar 13, 6:29 PM

Great video lesson. Thanks Roland!

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@bezzo just became a fully transparent trader today!

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bezzo Jul 13, 17 11:27 PM

Hey Jude. Not yet. Im trying to figure out whats my best option to start learning. I have 0 knowledge regarding trading. And you ?

HeyJude Jul 15, 17 12:54 AM

I did 3 months of the pennystocking lessons and decided to sign up for the challenge. I'm only about 2 weeks in to my studying. Haven't started trading yet. Probably won't start until after September. My eyes are going square from the hours of watching the DVDs. But... I'm learning :))

bezzo Jul 18, 17 12:16 PM

Awesome, good luck!

TheStudent Oct 16, 17 10:50 PM

It's just a beginning... :)

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@AirplaneJane Hi Jane! I'm a 40 something female Vancouverite, Canada, and I came across your letter to Tim. I recently started to learn from Tim (Pennystocking Silver), and after reading your letter, I'm seeing the value in signing up for the challenge. All the information and links is indeed overwhelming, but thanks to your inspiring story, I feel confident that it's all possible.

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HeyJude May 20, 17 1:14 PM

Oh - I just read your comment Elle to another

HeyJude May 20, 17 1:15 PM

Whoops - I was trying to say, I just read your comment below to another fellow Canadian who is also looking for broker with the smaller account. I will check out those ones you recommended .

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@AirplaneJane Hello Jane, I live in canada and started with Questrade($2000) about 6 weeks ago and now down to $900. Not sure if i chose the right broker but ill admit that I am a newbie and have not purchased tims dvds yet but i will asap

TheStudent Jun 30, 16 2:15 PM

The questrade charge $5 per trade flat fee when you chose. Get the knowledge first. Market is always there.

shadow0966 Jul 03, 16 2:25 PM

@AirplaneJane i'll admit , I was not paying attention to news and had a reverse split bite me in the a$$ XGTI 1900 shares down to 584 and it went on a down trend . My stupidity gave me a hard lesson to Pay Attention !

shadow0966 Jul 03, 16 2:27 PM

@TheStudent Before I chose this broker i tried lookin around and Questrade seem to be the cheapest , was i misssing something ?

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Watch list for 6/14 plus ARGS MRTX AAOI

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DCF373 Jun 13, 16 10:01 PM

I like your list, so you mostly focus on trend reversal plays?

SINGH_TRADES Jun 14, 16 1:35 AM

Yes I would love to know how you come up with your watch list. The thought process behind it. Thanks

Jamiehoss Jun 15, 16 7:19 AM

if you guys would read her blog it answers alot of your questions

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terps88 Apr 09, 16 8:37 PM

@kroyrunner I hope you don't think I was trying to be mean with my posts, I'm the only one who gave you any feedback on your trades; If I was down 50% on a stock no one would care, I hope to be just as successful as you one day where someone would care to call me out for a huge mistake if I wasn't thinking clearly

stocksandstuff1 Apr 15, 16 3:42 PM

Hey Tim, when you traded st Starbucks did you use a VPN? I thought about trading at local cafe sometimes just for a change of scenery, but I'm concerned about the security issue. Thanks.

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