($15) Loss
BTCSLong Stock

Entry comments: Another experimental trade. Noticed (along with everyone else, I suppose), BTCS has some decent swings during the day that follows BTC by about 30 minutes+. BTC fell decently over the weekend, am buying the daily dip on the basis that BTC will threaten $6k again this week. Last time it touched $6k BTCS hit .17. Goal is .165, risk about .15. Speculative trade, just to see if this daily drop/gain pattern holds

Exit comments: Bitcoin took a dump overnight from a high of 6100+ yesterday to 5600 this morning, this was gonna drop, got out ASAP. Hard as hell to get out of, had to adjust my ask several times before I finally got out. Speculative, $15 loss, I'm actually not feeling bad about this one because I knew it was a gamble to begin with and wanted to see if I could figure out this BTCS style play.


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  • Position Size2,000
  • Percentage-4.89%
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