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Kerry57 Oct 30, 17 6:08 PM

Love the webinars and am impressed and happy for Roland. But studying 17 hours per day is unrealistic, especially for anyone with a job. Even more unrealistic with job + family. Simply not possible. Congrats to Roland though, way to go man--incredibly impressive. Genuinely happy for you.

RockRobster Dec 06, 17 2:33 PM

Good to see some live trading!

zaraza Apr 06, 18 2:06 PM

Thank You Tim

ZiggysMom Jun 11, 18 11:02 AM

Noting that you can't time things perfectly. B/O to new highs, good news, earnings winners, are all good buys but there is no specific rules for the market. Create a plan and stick to it. Focus on big gains. Don't chase anything and use p/m as a guide to what plays may spike. No one trade matters , but the progress overtime is what matters.

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mynbtsa Apr 23, 2:17 AM

I want to get into peak financial shape, thanks Tim

JonathanIParra Jun 05, 9:28 AM

Nothing is easy but im studying and dedicated to finshing this category of videos learned so much from you and this trade alone . have patience and dont overtrade or force trades wait for opportunites . i want to get into peak financial shape thanks tim

OrcinusO Jun 23, 1:47 AM

Use your goals to push you!!!

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TonyG1 Jun 02, 5:03 PM

Modulate position size!

JonathanIParra Jun 05, 9:55 AM

I will modulate position size and when the pattern isnt perfect you can have a small position . you took the predictable late dip buy on earnings which you love and you banked awesome

SebiSebo Jul 14, 4:34 PM

Modulate position size

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