($42) Loss
VRMLLong Stock

Slow burner, steadily going higher all morning on what I thought was contract news (reread it.. just an update?.. contract was yesterday). Thought it might have legs for another 20-30 cents. Goal was 2:05-2.10, risk was 1.80. Had to go to work, got here and when I was finally able to check, was well below my risk levels, but was rallying in the mid 70s. Decided to follow original plan to see if golden hour could deliver, it didn't, got out 10 cents below plan.


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punkangelNov 01, 17 12:03 PM

Well, dang, I was sorta right. There was an end of day spike, still not enough to "win" on, but could've halved my loss. C'est la vie.

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