-$97 Loss
AGSShort Stock

Entry comments: shorted this as it looked like the big move was up, volume was fading, just took a starter position. this was at 1:15. it is now market close and the stock is still halted. guess I am involuntarily swinging this over the weekend at least.

Exit comments: I did have an order in to cover at breakeven, but I took it off thinking it could still go lower. I should have left that order in. the stock re-opened in AH on Friday around 530, would have had my order executed, and it jumped up 1.50 in that 1-minute candle. gave it a little time this morning to come down but it kept floating higher. rough start to the week but I think I can still have a green week.


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  • Position Size100
  • Percentage-12.87%
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