NachoLibreOct 13, 18 4:49 PM

Love your input in this lessons. Thank You Marc.

Ford41Oct 13, 18 4:58 PM

Thanks Mark. Not much going on .

CrazyWillowsOct 13, 18 5:49 PM

Enjoyed the thunder and lightning analogy.. Shorting is the best way to make money in a bear market..

FlockstockOct 14, 18 11:36 AM

Multiple timeframes are essential... often overlooked with new traders , realistic expectations based on overall market trends,

AikaOct 14, 18 9:45 PM

Thanks Mark.

ZiggysMomOct 15, 18 12:32 PM

Noting 1st green days aren't great plays late into the pattern. When a pattern is late into the game with upcoming news, that is a sell the news scenario. If a bear market comes, small accounts focus on the best of the best plays. Stay consistent and disciplined. Its hard to trade when the overall market has big momentum change, so don't force trades.

ZachROct 16, 18 4:37 PM

Fantastic thanks Mark

aleonOct 20, 18 7:40 AM

very lession to understand the charts before making decision to trade. Thanks Mark and Tim

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