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trade2021 Feb 09, 2:56 AM

you said take singles so you can be safe in all markets, can you take about how to be safe in all markets more please, if you got time.

verizonwired Feb 15, 11:51 AM

Amazing video. The more you watch the video lessons the more you start to pick up. At first I was definitely lost, but now im picking up on little things. Its like rewatching a movie and realizing all the fore shadowing in the film now that you know the ending

RobertRiggs Feb 16, 9:06 PM

This is an unique time! Thanks Bryce, Kyle and Tim.

BadHombre Feb 17, 9:53 PM

very insightful. thanks team

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Scottalan Jan 27, 5:07 AM

Thanks Mark great webinar

Windwalzer Feb 05, 8:12 PM

These are really helpful. The multiday runners for o/n plays is a piece I didn't really have or understand when looking for an o/n trade and also the consolidation, and buy at key support level, holding near it's highs, and massive volume. All good to have on the agenda.

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Couldn't get executed on this dip buy after the morning spike. Tried to chase it up a little but didn't want to push my luck since it was already up a 60% on the day. This stock made my premarket watchlist to play the morning spike but squirreled and played the panic on SFOR instead. Lesson learned, on to the next...

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