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ZiggysMom Jun 25, 18 12:00 PM

Noting that when a stock lines up with a pattern and your plan, trade. Take profits, don't get greedy. Never short low floats on day one. Always have a plan. Wait until 2pm, no midday trading, as it is not as predictable.

HeuryST007 Jun 25, 18 11:04 PM

new to the challenge ... great webinar !! Great Job TBohen

SlipKid Jul 08, 18 3:43 PM

Really enjoy your instruction! Thank you

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ZiggysMom Jun 07, 18 2:06 PM

When a stock fails to do what you think it will do, using indicators such as support and resistance, get out or be prepared for a short. The momentum shift is key to watch for. Be ready to pull the trigger when the time is right.

axlk Apr 09, 4:39 AM

Thanks Mark

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[TimAlerts] BLPH uptrending. Daily resistance at @ .83 Already climb up to that price pre-market if it breaks it could run


[TimAlerts] BLPH nice consolidation pattern, but an upgrade is not enough of a catalyst

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