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RoyalPines May 08, 9:59 AM

I'm extremely eager to get into a position - but I am holding the mantra, "stay patient". The past few days of trading (before joining this course) I would be trying to stay "patient" while in a position that was just destined for failure - all because of #FOMO. -.- Not doing that anymore. No more chasing. @timothysykes waiting for the right setups.

Javian May 19, 6:09 PM

Miss this one but I'm eagerly waiting on the next supernova alerts

wentheja May 20, 11:56 AM

I never recieved an alert via text or anything. I signed up for the supernovas but not getting info until after the trade day was made. Please let me know what I need to do.

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zaraza Apr 17, 18 6:39 PM

Thank You Mark

ZiggysMom Jul 24, 18 3:12 PM

Noting when the volume fades and becomes illiquid, it should no longer be a priority. Float rotation can cause traps in early shorts. Volatile plays only. Volume is extremely important. 2-3 Green days is likely followed by a red day.

Smoothy Jan 23, 19 4:23 PM

rather misleading, you can't really judge the actual real time volume on the same day until the day is over. you can however put focus on stocks that had recent run with high volume, but you can't dismiss stocks entirely just because the volume dies down during consolidation phases because both longs and shorts already have taken positions! they will eventually cover when critical levels are breached

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