-$720 loss CDXC Long Stock

Entry comments: Spiking on news that Mark Zuckerberg has been buying shares, BIGTIME catalyst when more people see it, goal is to make 40-80 cents/share

Exit comments: It's not continuing to spike the way it should on huge news like that, will do video lesson this weekend reviewing the trade, maybe it works later, but I'll play it safe for now

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TATwinz Jan 26, 18 11:12 PM

Another lessons to learn in penny's stocks trading. Thanks.

enyong Jan 27, 18 9:47 AM

it is spiking on Saturday instead...........

Cheeky_Charm Jan 31, 18 7:54 PM

@timothysykes I watched your video lesson, and at the start of the year you mentioned you started off with a $12k account...well this purchase order was over $60,000 so does that mean your broker for this trade was with Interactive Brokers?! I recall you said you are using a $1M account size on that one for some baller plays :) Thanks for the help in advance! Loveeeee your work I am a direct clone you'd be impressed. Adem from Australia

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gofast May 17, 17 2:55 AM

Than you Tim, it's nice to know that it happens to the best of us sometimes. I've done the same thing too many times recently (not cut my losses quick enough), and I think I've finally learned my lesson. Thanks for this great video!

3applesparks May 17, 17 2:58 AM

it's ok to be in cash + cut loss quickly

Hagen Oct 02, 18 9:32 PM

Cash is a position.

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Juanfriesen May 03, 17 7:55 AM

Good luck everyone, thanks Tim

timothysykes May 03, 17 9:57 AM

@Jeremyclark so contact support, don't comment on my wall about it lol

GUAMillionaire May 03, 17 10:17 AM

Thanks, Tim! Paper 200 shares MTBC. Thesis: 8:30 am PR would cause spike above previous daily high of $2.40. In $2.13 w/risk @$1.91 (10% down). Out $2.22, $18 profit. Kept getting stuffed at $2.50 during 1st 1/2 hour, shoulda sold it then. Held too long, lesson learned. Any recommendations/thoughts def appreciated...thanks again!

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Witnessed opportunity to dip buy morning panic on $CDXC double bottomed around 3.02 prior to morning spike around mid 3.20s for 0.20/share gain. Stock closed green on the day at 3.21.

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