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Haydn_247 Jun 15, 4:02 AM

Thanks for putting everything in such great perspective - thanks you for staying dedicated!!!

2grasleys Jun 18, 2:57 PM

Great video Tim, Rant are helpful!!

Peteball0101 Jun 23, 11:53 PM

Friday spiel....risk/reward strikes again.....forever trying to prevent us from taking a huge loss , tim u da man!

gjbailey36 Jun 25, 12:41 AM

This is the pattern I want to learn and master. Thank you!

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CrazyWillows Mar 26, 9:23 AM

Don't know where I've been mentally but there is sooo much good info in these webinars, I think the more you learn the more you start to understand what is being said and taught... Get obsessed with studying the past!!!!

jspinoza3 Mar 27, 6:16 PM

15:30 Not focused on FGD for stocks already in play. More Focused on FGD for when a stock becomes in play.

LizLele Mar 31, 11:05 PM

Third webinar of the day. No life, no weekend, but maybe a future? lol I was there for this one and watched it again. Thanks Tim!

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[TimChallenge] wow should I have held longer on CFMS, met my primary number, however I could have doubled my gains...


[TimChallenge] Covered Small position to slowly build account back, $0.25/share gains shorting CFMS...first red day...will look at it again tomorrow...


[TimAlerts] CFMS short position working out well now. Hope to hold for another day or two. Double topped this AM, but wide stop didnt get hit..

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