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stowyo Oct 24, 11:07 AM

seii is positive gain nt a loss jolding is a loss i am trying to nt be m f greedy

stowyo Oct 24, 12:18 PM

so greedy here a real vice funny huh going broke on gread, selling is my prob then hold turns into hope turns into less momentum and great greedy losse as volume fades and price action vanishes like magic then the hel lbound train rolls over mr its time to slowly cut my losss

KFTW Oct 25, 3:29 PM


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mwg63 Sep 27, 7:53 PM

Knowledge Account Increased.

sultanzeb Sep 29, 6:00 PM

I lost from TATT and many others as well but learning how to act after the alerts as some goes up really fast where we shouldn't buy...

StefanSchwarz13 Oct 09, 4:32 PM

Thanks Tim for all of your lessons. I'm definitely waiting for the alerts and the right plays, but I think I'm missing other plays that should be obvious to me but just aren't quite yet!

SHEANN Oct 09, 5:26 PM

Learning every day, thanks Tim.

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