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redwagonrider Sep 30, 1:22 PM

I promise to review: all of my setups, all trades good and bad, all trades right and wrong. How did the strategy do? How did the pattern play out in comparison to your thesis? did you plan the trade? Did you stick to your plan? Were you disciplined in cutting your losses? were you to aggressive in taking profits/ conservative?

Popcheez Oct 19, 4:27 PM

I promise to always continue to review!

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$575 profit EDXC Long Stock

Entry comments: PRPO is now in the .38s so I underestimated it, but it's choppy so no regret, EDXC which I highlighted in chat is having a MUCH smoother uptrend so I'm buying that with the goal to sell in the .60s tomorrow

Exit comments: I took small profits on my overnight position here...real winner was PRPO up to the .50s since my buy alert at .34ish yesterday...I sold that way too soon, but again its choppy...congrats to longs on both

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Nealv2 Apr 16, 9:42 AM

Hey i still have money in ATAI. I bought at around 2.12 a share and it spiked that day to 3.85 but i was thinking it outa spike again but it diped or sunk to 3.02 curently should sell right?

Bellajosh4 Apr 16, 9:49 AM

Made $350 on PRPO. Premarket trading can be good

bahamastrader123 Apr 20, 9:12 PM

I checked all the way back to 2014 ... there is NO resistance line .. the stock never peaked anywhere near 0.592 so how tim knew where to enter?? What else did he use??

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