$361 profit ENZ Long Stock

Entry comments: Just spiked in reaction to an $18/share price target and puffed up research report that should give it legs into the weekend and likely early next week too, my goal is to make 30-50 cents/share as it's not a hugely volatile stock, but nice first green day after recent consolidation off its highs

Exit comments: The $18/share price target news is spreading in multiple chatrooms now, nice to find it before them as I test out new features coming soon on http://stockstotrade.com breaking news searches...not a huge, huge win for me, but nice little sniper gain, will do video lesson on it this weekend

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[TimAlerts] $ENZ beautiful earnings winner breakout today missed that one...holding $OCLR overnight from 8.33 for a morning spike as I think tech has more upside in this rally


[TimAlerts] TCS attempting to break into a new upward channel between 5.88 and 6.40..also watching $ENZ and $GIG into the close


[TimAlerts] A list of earnings winners that have been testing key breakout points (looking to either dip buy these or buy the breakouts when they prove they can hold the breakout). $ENZ : Key breakout point 7.00 SQ : Key breakout point 12.40 TTS : Key breakout point 20.00 RYAM : Key breakout point 15.00 FIVN : Key breakout point 16.00 $OCLR: Key breakout point 8.90

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[TimAlerts] $ENZ had earning winners on thursday and it spiked$0.70 on friday, yeah could has a follow up today

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