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RobertRiggs Jul 19, 12:15 PM

Dropping Bombs. Awesome interview. Thanks for the lesson Tim.

AnnaLeah Jul 19, 3:06 PM

Awesome, love the interview. Thanks Tim

AutonomyCrusader Jul 23, 7:37 PM

@TimothySykes__ Amazing interview. I joined the challenge a month ago in preparation for the funds that I think I'll need to create a world network for education to help people reach their full potentials. I absolutely love that your mission aligns with mine. You'll be hearing a lot more from me once I figure this out. Let's change the world!

DDT Aug 05, 7:51 PM

Great interview. Thanks Tim.

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ckasapa Jul 09, 9:11 PM

Thank you Jack, congratulations !!!

MarVan Jul 10, 1:25 PM

Thank you, these calendar pivots are really awesome, used them to analyze my trades for the past 3 month today. Also emotions calendar, great idea: " Did i have FOMO?"!!! As per data i should not trade Wednesdays at all and dont buy after 11am. And my biggest losses are from not cutting the losses quickly, especially on options. I need more discipline to put all my trades straight away to the diary and when i have more data push this all to Tableau and see what more insights it can tell me.

LeeHunt Jul 16, 2:30 PM

Watched live ,but rewatched !Great to see whats possible if you learn and stick with it !Thanks Jack!

Believer Aug 05, 9:19 PM

Thanks Jack for sharing and congrats on your milestone! what's next?

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VolatilitySurferVida Jul 04, 10:01 AM

Thanks for taking the time Tim! Great video packed w/ some great lessons

MaeRae Jul 10, 10:48 AM

Great video - love the updates. Thanks Tim

mylifestarts Jul 13, 1:35 PM

Thanks Tim! Learnt this beautiful lesson and stored it my brain, As a retire trader when time comes hopefully will execute perfect!

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