DDTJun 28, 1:27 PM

Thank you Tim!

aaronmizellJun 28, 1:52 PM

Thanks for continuing to take the time to Teach even When your not feeling that well! Don’t HODL!! Patience Pays Off Hard Work Pays Off Study Pays Off!!! Learn it Love it Live it!! Thanks Tim! Make sure to take care of yourself!

mitnick2Jun 28, 2:03 PM

Awesome recap video lesson. Thank you very much Tim! Glad to always be learning from the best of the best. :D

DeanHiserJun 28, 6:02 PM

Thanks Tim. You sounded and looked great to me.

EDawg34Jun 28, 6:04 PM

Thanks Tim! Amazing job on your weekend trade. And I hope you feel better soon.

StefanSchwarz13Jun 28, 7:57 PM

You sound and look fine. Congrats on your great over the weekend trade!! I would take 65% in a heartbeat, goal is to lock in profits.

runningjewelsJun 28, 9:21 PM

It was great to meet you in Vegas Tim. I tried the weekend swing on WRAP - should have gone with EVFM but I cut quickly for a break even and made money on EVFM today. Appreciate you!

feldyJun 28, 9:40 PM

Awesome!! Thanks for the recap!!!

MAOTRADESJun 28, 10:31 PM

Congratulations on that amazing over the weekend trade Tim!

MRI_GUY_007Jun 28, 10:47 PM

Thanks Tim. You looked great and sounded fine. Amazing play with great volume trading up alot!

didixiuJun 28, 11:56 PM

Thank you Tim.

CovaEspa1Jun 29, 12:06 AM

With EVFM i am green on the week. I took profit, $251.13

BobbyQuenzelJun 29, 12:24 AM

I will be a successful student of yours one day when it's my time. Be safe Tim, have more patience and hope you get more sleep. Pasquele is saying you look terrible.

Rhin0Jun 29, 9:14 AM

Thanks Tim.

001CPJun 29, 9:35 AM

Thanks Tim

RadmacherJun 29, 9:43 AM

Hi Tim, you look good and sound fine, keep it going you are an inspiration to many, keep up the hard work!

26R_COLEJun 29, 1:46 PM

Thank you for the trade review and explanation Tim

SuzyQJun 29, 2:35 PM

Looking good, Sykes!

LeeHuntJun 29, 4:05 PM

Keep it up Tim !Awesome Job!!!

RobertRiggsJun 29, 8:40 PM

You smooth covered that one up. Patients pays off, hard work pays off, studying pays off, love it, learn it, live it. Thanks for the lesson Tim.

stocktrader_56577Jun 30, 2:08 AM

Tim you always look and sound bad but that don't matter as long as you don't smell bad, but I'll be perfectly honest with you all that don't matter because you are a true 100% effing bad ass teacher mentor and inspiration to so many people changing lives you are the best ever and I can't wait to meet your bad ass self in person just to shake your hand and congratulate you on changing my life

WangoTangoJul 01, 5:47 AM

Great trade, thanks for the review!

User_1610Jul 03, 11:30 AM

Watching And Analyzing!

VolatilitySurferVidaJul 04, 10:01 AM

Thanks for taking the time Tim! Great video packed w/ some great lessons

MaeRaeJul 10, 10:48 AM

Great video - love the updates. Thanks Tim

mylifestartsJul 13, 1:35 PM

Thanks Tim! Learnt this beautiful lesson and stored it my brain, As a retire trader when time comes hopefully will execute perfect!

Mateka78Aug 31, 8:20 AM

Boss, I had teacher which looked way worse and they have never been in Vegas ;) You doing good bro!

cameronmabeySep 02, 8:12 PM

Nice trade Tim! Thanks for the walk through on your thought process!

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