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cpartusc07 Mar 27, 6:29 PM

Very useful, I plan to try and sit back and watch for better plays that fit into the correct patterns and not over trade like I have been doing. I kust got my account basically back to even yesterday after a nice win on my small account. Thank you!

bigGV Apr 06, 1:28 AM

Profits and mistakes, deep buys and shorts, % gains and patterns, immensely useful. Thank you Tim.

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Windwalzer Feb 23, 7:42 PM

Thank you Timothy Sykes. It's helpful to see how and why you trade and to get it straight from the "horse's mouth", seeing the chart. Great learning opportunity. Rule #1!!

zand Feb 24, 9:45 AM

@timothysykes Good morning Tim , I have signed up in the first week of January and haven't able to participate in Webinars , this is my first time in . Thanks again.

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$75 profit FNHI Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip buying the big panic on this recent runner, goal is to make 5-15% on the bounncee

Exit comments: Sold into little bounce. actually got 10k shares, doubled up accidentally during live webinar, just glad to be out of this stock as it's scaryyyy

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Windwalzer Feb 21, 12:02 AM

You did this trade late morning? It was a messy dip? More like a curve? Thank you for all you and the others do. Seriously!

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