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asfricksrs Dec 18, 17 10:04 PM

Thanks Tim, great webinar...good humor...great points.

arusso91 Jun 09, 18 6:29 PM

i love Tims webinars he always tells it like it is

ZiggysMom Jun 22, 18 11:12 AM

Noting gappers are potential for squeeze, good volume, new HODS, all day trends, closing near high. Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. Take notes on tickers so you know in the future what I was thinking. Midday trading is not predictable. Look for r/g on real stocks. Noting is guaranteed, but with the right indicators there is a better possibility.

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Here's Mark's beautiful $21,000ish profit screenshot on BITCF please retweet/favorite and congratulate him, even though he got a bit lucky with the halt, he was shorting a VERY good pattern and when you do that, good things tend to happen, no different than my $GPRO earnings winner long yesterday

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I locked in $7,700 profit on $GPRO to start the morning, now $20k in profits since I've been trading on the other side of the world in Indonesia the past few weeks, pretty crazy!

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$7,718 profit GPRO Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this recent earnings winner off its highs, but also off its lows as it's a multi-month breakout with a story given their turnaround attempts and new social media offerings, will do video lesson this weekend on this, but my goal is to sell in the $10s or even $11s in the coming days/weeks

Exit comments: Got a nice gap up and premarket spike as they just raised earnings guidance...this is the EXACT scenario I've been warning about for days, I'm not taking any chances, solid $7,000+ profit for me, congrats to all dip buyers

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Yeong32 Sep 07, 17 9:13 AM

It's a journey

matanah101 Sep 08, 17 4:07 AM

Nice, I would be happy with that too.

eldorado7 Sep 13, 17 7:03 PM

I literally did almost the same thing you did, check out my Gpro trade I cut losses and sold for a 5% loss on September 5th :/,wih I knew you had shares in this cause I probably would've held strong had a 9.3 avg with 750 shares

bartvan Sep 19, 17 4:59 AM

Thx Tim , paid for my plane ticket to Tallin. Not my speed ticket..... But i learned there i most imported thing . Mental change. .... So now ... After 3 years i can go full throttel. Like i did with tesla s @. 174 km / hour. Oeps max speed is 110. Thanks for all the free content See you next year @ TIsummit

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-$255 loss GPRO Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this new earnings winner that used to be a much higher priced stock, good PR about getting into social media, nice morning spike already, but it's come down since there are so many longterm bagholders, my goal is to make 20-40 cents/share on the bounce

Exit comments: Zzzzzzz, no big bounce back to near day highs so I cut losses quickly, earnings winners continue to have a tough time in this market, good reminder for me, small loss though, not the end of the world as I stay disciplined and remember the rules, maybe potential re-buy later if it can continue holding this multi-month breakout above 9.40

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AngeliqueSTL Aug 04, 17 9:51 AM

Great DVD, worth every minute of watching. Plus, Tim's very funny

hjroadrunner Aug 04, 17 9:55 AM

Excellent! I am learning a lot on this. First day of school today, so i will be a sponge of your wisdom here. Thanks

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