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jacksondowney5 Aug 10, 22 9:59 PM

7.) StocksToTrade Breaking News - use it every single fucking day. 8.) focus on big % gainers. 9.) I really don’t think you understand how much fun it is to be rich. 10.) you will see more ridiculous moves again. 11.) I wouldn’t short sell at fuckin all right now. 12.) thanks for the shoutout on my trade in the chat!!

RobertRiggs Aug 11, 22 2:32 PM

Watched live. Thank for the webinar Tim.

MRI_GUY_007 Aug 14, 22 1:25 AM

Thanks Tim. Appreciate the webinar

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DDT Sep 30, 22 3:16 AM

Thanks Tim.

brandonkoy Aug 15, 10:45 PM

I will learn and take advantage of clean multiday runners that fit the framework of supernova cycles. Number one first Green Day's number two the breakout number three the multi day run number four the first red day number five the panic Dubai number six shorting the bounce number seven the eventual bounce after three red days.

brandonkoy Aug 16, 12:15 AM

I practice and discover which patterns im best at and i adapt to whats working in the market

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SamJustus Mar 21, 21 11:11 PM

I Get It....Much Appreciated.....THANKS TIM

didixiu Jun 05, 21 5:51 PM

Thank you Tim.

oswald Oct 30, 22 11:15 AM

Study the past, learn the patterns so you know the best setups, have patience, not the last morning panic, I get it, Thanks Tim!

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