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Mjason Mar 27, 11:50 PM

this makes a lot of sense. I needed to hear what you said about buying way under next resistance, giving me a potential price/goal range to shoot for, and locking consistent profits. Hearing it again is an "aha" moment tonight so thank you for that....

MiaPlateau Mar 28, 9:28 PM

• Volume Spikes can impact the price lasting for days. • The daily volume helps to gauge to trading a stock in the market open when stock volume is low if there are many catalysts, Especially on OTCs.

Astarout Apr 17, 10:02 PM

Thanks, Brotha. One more little feather in the cap.

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YawdieInvestor Mar 30, 5:23 PM

I will always be prepared! Because "knowing is half the battle!"

KStanger Apr 01, 1:03 AM

I WILL BE PREPARED!!! IF the pattern is right!

MiaPlateau Apr 04, 5:43 PM

• Morning panics can come back, late day panics don’t come back which could ruin my trade if played wrong.

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KStanger Apr 01, 1:35 AM

Fire sale...death...staggering!

MiaPlateau Apr 04, 6:25 PM

• 1st crash is the strongest due to promoter’s support crash and dip buyers jumping in. • If another crash happens after the 1st one, then don’t consider dip buying it for fear of going even lower. • Dumps Occur when inside sellers sell their shares.

axlk Apr 06, 4:51 AM

Thanks Tim. staggering

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