Sierra3Feb 01, 19 7:32 AM

Saw the PR but slow on the draw. Missed my entry and wouldn't chase it

MtradeVegabondFeb 01, 19 7:33 AM

Great Lesson! I was concerned about that overhead resistance

FlockstockFeb 01, 19 7:33 AM

Respect multiday runners and good volume, Nasdaq trades heavier than OTC, buy when already spiking, but don't chase, learn when not to hesitate and when to pull the trigger. This is often the hard part unless you know patterns inside and out

aceboogie2488Feb 01, 19 7:37 AM

I thought that was a solid play. I missed it but congrats.

doublej0103Feb 01, 19 7:37 AM

Great video lesson! I was concerned with LBUY possible being a slow mover since the volume was not great in reaction to the new.

asfricksrsFeb 01, 19 7:37 AM

Thanks Tim - History rhymes and repeats former runners and supernovas can spike again - even with early day volume !!

BretpolFeb 01, 19 7:38 AM

Thanks for the lesson, I got tunnel vision and only saw the overhead resistance.

R0B0Feb 01, 19 7:38 AM

Good stuff (y) thanks Tim

doublej0103Feb 01, 19 7:38 AM

Overall, great trade! Would have a good gain for my small account

KingsaliniFeb 01, 19 7:40 AM

Made sense as always thanks for the good mental food!!

hutchstockFeb 01, 19 7:41 AM

Was looking at other play so missed this. Thanks Tim.

cfcmicktFeb 01, 19 7:41 AM

Thank you Tim, This didn't actually appear on my scan as my % gain scan is set from 15% so I did see this on my scan a bit later after you had bought but yes I do see all the indicators to have traded this. Most of my profit trades have come from 1st Green Day OTC former runners etc. so I try to wait for correct set up and not over trade.

idoughty99Feb 01, 19 7:41 AM

I understood your indicators for buying, it was the low volume that made me question. Noobie here so I didn’t recognize what the potential volume could have/most likely would turn into, great lesson for me on another trading aspect I need to look for, thanks Tim!

kenz4Feb 01, 19 7:43 AM

Great video lesson Thanx Tim and great trade on morning spikers.

GoshdarnitTradeFeb 01, 19 7:50 AM

Hi Tim. Thank you for this! I remember I saw its resistance and thought the volume was super low (I now realize my mistake). Add to that the fact that I’m in IB with a small account so any trade under $1 is automatically a 1% loss in commissions getting In and then another 1% out I decided not to risk it.

drholmes035Feb 01, 19 7:50 AM

The volume made me hesitate but I understand you comment about volume at the time versus end of day volume

emcguyerFeb 01, 19 7:57 AM

Everything you said was 100% spot on....

KparessonFeb 01, 19 8:00 AM

I thought this was a great video to learn from.. I'm still new and learning so I'm very thankful for your lessons! I was a little distracted yesterday cause my daughter wasn't feeling well.., but it def was a great setup w/ many positives on this one.. Wish I had been more focused.... will keep my eye open.! Thank you!

PocketPATFeb 01, 19 8:09 AM

Thanks Tim!!! I didn't see the ticker until your trade, impressive catch. I have just created a Post-It list of those quick indicators you've listed to glance at when these kinds of plays pop up!!!

FancyNancyFeb 01, 19 8:13 AM

Great Video! Thanks Tim

Meeshka_Z123Feb 01, 19 8:14 AM

Most of my losses were due to morning price action, so I just thought Id be not taking part in morning trades until I've seen enough scenario's. Would love to see more videos on morning spikes to be added into that video category

AlexSalfFeb 01, 19 8:15 AM

thanks Tim! I don't like morning spikes either, but there are definitely good opportunities. Trade like a sniper!

NeneFeb 01, 19 8:18 AM

Yes saw the positives

sansoyFeb 01, 19 8:19 AM

Another great video with a great practical example.

AndrooFeb 01, 19 8:25 AM

Thank you Tim, very cool!

SamiSosaFeb 01, 19 8:26 AM

Yes like the video but yes the volume like you said and you buy it before the resistance like you said in the video good reminder

weytraderFeb 01, 19 8:30 AM

I saw the negative comments in the chat room....i was hesitant and uncertain but i knew that you very seldom make foolish mistakes so i was waiting to see what how it would turn out and your lesson here verifies my faith in your expertise. Will watch a few times.

mmurf46Feb 01, 19 8:32 AM

Yes the pattern and thought process behind your trade is clear as day

MMGolfFeb 01, 19 8:34 AM

Saw the positives but worried about resistance so i didn't play it.....your explanation of the downside risk will change my mind on this set-up going forward.

MZMFeb 01, 19 9:06 AM

MZM Still many points I didn't recognize, back to the drawing board!

mynbtsaFeb 01, 19 9:29 AM

Thanks Tim, loved the detail in this video, I saw your reason for buying , I didn't buy it I did watch it. Im trying to learn more about the OTC plays , building the knowledge account

Rowdy1Feb 01, 19 9:34 AM

Bought @ .88 yesterday and sold @ 1.03 this morning..the set up looked pretty solid so I made $70 with a small 1k account

peeveekayFeb 01, 19 9:39 AM

Listing out the 7-8 indicators was a very straightfoward explanation, really liked that and made a note for future trades. However, for this play you're (to a degree) guessing how a stock will react to news, as opposed to waiting for confirmation of the move. Can the takeaway be that sufficient indicators can outweigh some of the rules? Or was the gap up enough to convince you the news was already reflected in the opening price?

timothysykesFeb 01, 19 9:43 AM

@peeveekay the stock was already spiking before I bought and funny LBUY is stronger now on day 2 after the news

KDJourneyFeb 01, 19 10:15 AM

Thanks Tim ~ Good news yesterday when video was down is Many GREAT training videos are available on You Tube!

dexdriaFeb 01, 19 10:20 AM

Awesome lesson, very helpful! Thank you!

piscott0306Feb 01, 19 11:03 AM

You made a very good point about volume. It tends to be low during the 1st few minutes of market opening, but will probably increase throughout the trading day. Muchas Gracias Tim.

chenziFeb 01, 19 11:05 AM

thanks tim great video

CrazyWillowsFeb 01, 19 12:01 PM

I honestly thought it was a brilliant trade Tim, the video lesson was full of info and yes I think more of these examples would be awesome. Look for morning spiker on former runners, hot sector, news catalyst, volume spike, price spike, buying way under resistance, great risk reward. Volume will always be low at the open on OTC's so getting executed is key hence buying at key levels.

ElleDianeFeb 01, 19 12:41 PM

Such a great video lesson. I have been too slow to catch morning spikers. I get overwhelmed by choice and look at too many charts at the open. Need to be better prepared before the open to concentrate on the best scenarios.

snakelegsFeb 01, 19 12:49 PM

Just rec’d this at 1:49pn(ET) just arrived....not sure why there was such a huge delay.

MlacrossFeb 01, 19 2:13 PM

Didnt see all that. I will from now on. Great notes!!


I didn’t see all that as well. I will from now on Thanks to you Tim!

diane47Feb 01, 19 3:20 PM

Thanks, Tim!

LizLeleFeb 01, 19 4:37 PM

I had to watch this four times to get it lol. Thanks Tim!

DannyStollFeb 01, 19 7:13 PM

Missed it since I was out of day trades — that’s what I get for overtrading. Absolutely perfect setup though, and great video lesson!

wright013Feb 01, 19 7:23 PM

did not see the ticker until the video lesson like all the indicators you pointed out like the thesis for the trade..great

TonyG1Feb 01, 19 8:11 PM

Tks Tim...Video lesson was so good I watched it 3X. Gonna be on watch for those OTC past multi day runners with lots of indicators!

pappybiznessFeb 01, 19 10:57 PM

Don’t chase & Great Video!!

rubbersidedownFeb 01, 19 10:57 PM

Great video. I missed this one as I was focused on another play.

Lastshort32Feb 01, 19 11:16 PM

Didn't see it as I was at school taking a test, but I was in KHRNF FROM 1.96 AND SOLD @ 2.28 ON A B/O PLAY. Big confidience booster as now I can play this with size way more comfortable with respect to risk as always @timothysykes

DC_757Feb 02, 19 6:07 AM

I'll keep this in mind for future plays, thanks Tim. Great lesson.

jaime72976Feb 02, 19 6:36 AM

Thanks Tim excellent video lesson I appreciate it

TbearFeb 02, 19 9:22 AM

I missed it, but saw your alert and watched it play out! Never giving up, still studying and learning!

FancyNancyFeb 02, 19 9:45 AM

Perfect Example Tim, a video to watch over and over!

LifesetFeb 02, 19 10:17 AM

We need more play like this to learn Tim. Thanks a lot for you hard works.

MoonShotFeb 02, 19 10:46 AM

I see the positives. It checks a lot of boxes on the Sykes Sliding Scale. Risk v Reward was good, past performance, time of day, catalyst, volume, etc. Thanks Tim.

DeanHiserFeb 02, 19 10:58 AM

Thanks, Tim. Great stuff. I will be a sniper! I really liked and learned from this.

Learning4FFFeb 02, 19 12:53 PM

On vacation (Costa Rica) but still learning. Loved the details of why it was a good entry. Fantastic lesson.

SlipKidFeb 02, 19 1:10 PM

Multi day breakout with good news and volume equals profit. But only if you know the resistance levels and cut losses within 2-3 cents a share. Sell off into strength half position at a dime and and other half when confronted with larger sale orders or lack of buyers and lower volume. Only on past parabolics that have held spikes for a couple days. Or more. Thanks Tim!

calvinwFeb 02, 19 3:06 PM

Former runners + spikers (w/ catalyst) + buy at key support breaking out and understand where that resistance is. Def understand your insight into the volume traded in AM... Thanks Tim!

AdrienFeb 02, 19 4:25 PM

Thanks Tim! Need more like this.

RockRobsterFeb 02, 19 5:50 PM

OTCs with a history of spiking. Yeah baby!

IrohFeb 02, 19 5:53 PM

Succinct and to the point...I like em this way.

aleonFeb 02, 19 6:28 PM

Thanks Tim , I need to watch more and learn more from you

SLD142Feb 02, 19 7:57 PM

Great lesson Tim, Thank you.

davidefird79Feb 02, 19 8:56 PM

Thanks for continuing to hammer in the lessons. It will sink in eventually

CptnBobFeb 03, 19 8:55 AM

I was at work so missed everything about the trade. Thank you for the review so I can learn what was happening and why it was a good trade. It always helps to hear this information over and over to drive it home.

CrazyWillowsFeb 03, 19 10:53 AM

Had to watch this again, really enjoyed this lesson..

thePposseFeb 03, 19 11:02 AM

I’m missing the news. I would catch this as a %gainer but not the catalyst so it would make me hesitate to buy. My E*TRADE pro gets news from Market Watch. I’m going to see if I can figure out how to get more news on it. Thank you for video!

bp1984Feb 03, 19 3:44 PM

It took me forever to get executed with LBUY and finally when I did I got executed at $0.92 right in the resistance. Had I held on to the stock overnight I could ha e profited as it hit over $1.00. I think why this was so scary is because the price quotes were delayed by several minutes so I could really time my entry or exit like other non OTC stocks. This was very informative.

DupaFeb 03, 19 3:57 PM

This popped up on one of my StocksToTrade scanners and I believe Oracle too (as well as your watchlist) I missed my entry so I just watched and played it safe... great video lesson too!

zarazaFeb 03, 19 4:05 PM

Thanks Tim...Former runner..breakout..catalyst..volume..many +indicators

sandy98Feb 03, 19 10:12 PM

Its the same mindset in the 4000ish video lesson. Former runner, solid news, volume, risk rewards, APPLY SKYES SLIDING SCALE!!!!!!!!!

Peteball0101Feb 03, 19 11:54 PM

Always showing us what to look for

mommaDFeb 04, 19 8:23 AM

Missed this trade and learned a lot by watching this video. Great lesson. Will watch again.

SpeedyPFeb 04, 19 6:16 PM

Killer spot

hunterpFeb 05, 19 1:57 PM

🤔💡. Thanks Tim!

JakeTheSnakeFeb 06, 19 12:04 AM

why did you buy before the breakout? i though you teach to buy LBUY at about .97 when it breaks out past the resistance.

MaguchiFeb 06, 19 9:51 AM

Thanks for great lesson

MikeATXFeb 06, 19 1:22 PM

Thanks Tim

NanigirlFeb 06, 19 8:30 PM

Thanks Tim!!🤙🤙🤙🤙

KDJourneyFeb 08, 19 10:32 AM

2nd viewing ~ beginning to make so much sense! Thank you, Tim

bcloudyFeb 10, 19 7:58 AM

Thanks Tim! Things are starting to make some sence

2grasleysFeb 10, 19 9:52 AM

Great Lesson Tim, Thanks!!

JakeTheSnakeFeb 10, 19 3:19 PM

LBUY can you explain why that is not a bad sushi chart…is it ok to buy bad sushi if it’s a former runner, with catalyst, in hot sector?

Mad_RussianFeb 11, 19 7:24 PM

Great lesson with detail explanation. Thanks.

boomtasticFeb 16, 19 12:11 PM

a good check list to study

redredwine_12Feb 23, 19 2:52 PM

loved this lesson... all indicators gotta add up in order pull the trigger.

HIMMENYFeb 27, 19 8:18 PM

great lesson thanks Timmay otc morning spikers are working

GeorgeCanningVMar 17, 19 12:24 PM

great info, thank you! I saw the positives.

MaiTaiMar 24, 19 11:26 PM

Can’t comment too much as I am a newbie. I am just soaking it all in.

KStangerMar 25, 19 7:33 PM

Great lesson. Thanks Tim!

MjasonMar 27, 19 11:50 PM

this makes a lot of sense. I needed to hear what you said about buying way under next resistance, giving me a potential price/goal range to shoot for, and locking consistent profits. Hearing it again is an "aha" moment tonight so thank you for that....

MiaPlateauMar 28, 19 9:28 PM

• Volume Spikes can impact the price lasting for days. • The daily volume helps to gauge to trading a stock in the market open when stock volume is low if there are many catalysts, Especially on OTCs.

AstaroutApr 17, 19 10:02 PM

Thanks, Brotha. One more little feather in the cap.

herman11May 11, 19 8:38 PM

great trade with good indicators, thanks Tim

2TheMoonMay 29, 19 3:47 PM

Refreshing to rewatch as reminder

SebiSeboJul 08, 19 11:59 PM

Thank you Tim

LittleRedJul 23, 19 1:25 PM

I had the same kind of play this morning and was caught watching while it went up $2 in 5 mins. It was RLGY releasing news with $AMZN. The thing that kept me out of the trade was the wide spread. It was trading between 5-8 cents. I should know better that that kind of news makes stocks soar.. for a limited amount of time.

TinCup72Sep 02, 19 9:41 AM

Thanks Tim great lesson

JRFOct 25, 19 1:28 AM

Thank You Tim. Morning spikes with several catalysts and good volume are potential buys.

Kauai2020Oct 27, 19 8:11 PM

Great lesson. Still cant really decide if it is going up or down.

Kpow2020Dec 02, 19 9:44 AM

Thanks for the lesson:)

CamDoleJan 28, 7:13 PM

I for sure need to pay more attention to OTC stocks. I also need to really add up the catalysts. Too many of mine have only had between 1-3. Thanks for the constant reminders.

HenryCraigMar 04, 12:25 AM

You cannot cheat your way to success. Learn from the past, study in the present, and prepare for the future.

tayhaoxiaMar 22, 4:54 PM

Look for former runner with news catalyst and watch for more morning spikers

DubbdizzMar 24, 10:34 AM

Only come out of retirement on plays like this one,rs

10xtraderMar 29, 12:59 AM

Sorry Tim, I only buy Goldman picks.

timcobraMar 29, 5:45 AM

Thanks Tim, I guess as a newbie sometimes I hesitate even when all signs indicate a perfect entry and then the stock does exactly as predicted. But After seeing video after video lesson, I am getting more and more confident of my abilities. Always staying conservative though

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