VERY cool that I just got an email from a http://tim.ly/sykesmc student who I haven't heard from in months who just passed $1 million in profits but doesn't want the fame/publicity...I get it...still nice to know I have yet another new millionaire student :)

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Shreyp2018 Apr 16, 18 1:36 PM

@timothysykes Applied to MC challenge last week.Can't wait to be a part of this amazing team.My dream is to get interviewed by you and yes i am going to work super hard for it :)

johnpaulchildress Apr 16, 18 10:07 PM

I will study hard and work to be one of your millionaire students!

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Torkers Dec 13, 17 2:18 AM

@GoshdarnitTrade Have you tried hotkeys? havn't myself but alot of the top traders use it - One tip is to always preper the order - i always have it ready abit infront of the price action just to be ready when it pops - that has helped me alot

GoshdarnitTrade Dec 13, 17 2:35 AM

@Torkers I appreciate that! Thanks! I think it's mental with me: I ask myself if it's a fakeout breakout or not, if it needs to prove itself after breaking to new highs or not. With me it's mental. And with yesterday's trades I did a lot better.

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