Total Profits:
$32 Profit
GOPHLong Stock
-$97 Loss
GERNShort Stock
$360 Profit
ECYTLong Option

Used Tim's strategy using puts, as taught by Mark Croock. This was a test. ECYT was bound to go down this week or the next one. It was cheaper to hold and less risky. I bought 5 puts at the market open. When I saw it wasn't spiking (where I wanted to buy 5 more) but going down, I bought 5 more, which is what I could afford. I didn't have to be precise in my entry. It was harder to squeeze me than shorting. A swing is easier to take. I took the meat of the move to see how selling puts works.


$9 Profit
ECYTShort Stock
-$28 Loss
EKSOLong Stock
-$144 Loss
DRIOLong Stock
-$67 Loss
AKERLong Stock
-$94 Loss
GERNShort Stock
$89 Profit
OMERShort Stock
-$57 Loss
GERNShort Stock
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