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Lee8304 May 27, 11:55 AM

haha This was great when you talked about the shorts! I see SOOO many haters on twitter saying "It was Tim Sykes and his chatroom did the WHOLLLLLE THING!" BS!!! Just lemmings like you said! Twitter is like "The Onion News Network" to get your news on stocks!

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ZachR May 13, 1:54 AM

Thanks Mark

TonyG1 May 13, 9:43 PM

Hey Mark great Job on the Webinar. I was at the Inner Circle on Thurs when Webinar was done live but none the less made sure I watched it anyway. Thanks again!

MThoms May 14, 11:20 AM

Noting that there is no play near all time lows unless exceptions like catalyst. Do not be overly aggressive shorting in hot markets. Alway assume runners and low float stocks are heavily shorted. Stocks tend to fill gaps. Stocks that go two days up and two days down especial on Fridays make for nice short squeeze. Focus on volatile plays only

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