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Tavis Aug 12, 9:37 PM

Great webinar

canudropit2 Sep 03, 1:05 PM

Thanks Tim, I really appreciate these webinars and love that you added a quiz section. I think that helps people to re-think what they have learned to help drive it into memory.

LizLele Sep 05, 9:16 PM

Great Webinar! Very informative. You explained everything clearly. This can be watched again and again. Thanks Tim!

RockRobster Sep 09, 12:00 PM

The quiz segments are great!!! Thanks Tim!

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Sheffey Aug 26, 7:11 PM

Thanks for the explanation - thanks, Mark!

LHowell Sep 08, 8:01 AM

What a great lesson. Any one who missed the PR in Feb, but watched this video prior to the 8/2/18 - 8/5/18 BLNK secondary spike really did themselves a pays to know your history! The content in this lesson politely reminds me that I still don't know what I don't know, Thank you Mark!

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TonyG1 May 13, 9:43 PM

Hey Mark great Job on the Webinar. I was at the Inner Circle on Thurs when Webinar was done live but none the less made sure I watched it anyway. Thanks again!

ZiggysMom May 14, 11:20 AM

Noting that there is no play near all time lows unless exceptions like catalyst. Do not be overly aggressive shorting in hot markets. Alway assume runners and low float stocks are heavily shorted. Stocks tend to fill gaps. Stocks that go two days up and two days down especial on Fridays make for nice short squeeze. Focus on volatile plays only

Ariel May 28, 12:32 AM

Heavily shorted low-float stocks with lots of volume can squeeze quickly. As said above, can assume low-float-runners are always heavily shorted.

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axlk Aug 30, 7:06 AM

Thanks Mark. Great lesson

LHowell Sep 08, 6:19 AM

If the Price Action can hold near the R/G, there is a definite chance it will squeeze trapped SHORTs who entered on high volume. Heavily shorted, low floats, with massive volume can go further than you think, and they can turn on you just as quickly, so always follow Rule #1. Thanks Mark.

AshWild Sep 10, 11:36 AM

Thank you Mark.

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sohaelali Aug 23, 8:18 AM

I will cut losses quickly

axlk Aug 30, 7:26 AM

I'm getting better in cut losses quickly :-)

LHowell Sep 15, 10:15 AM

Sometimes there isn't a backhoe big enough to dig you out of the hole you place yourself within and sometimes if you use the backhoe, you're just digging the hole deeper. Cut losses quickly, so you don't need to worry about these things...experienced operators only and even then, occasionally accident/risk management gets away from veterans....they just have more experience on how to proceed with caution.

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