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Kui_Kibandy Mar 10, 10:03 PM

thanks Lento, I really enjoy your webinars. Very precise. I watched your first 20 like you recommended and they were very resourceful. thank you

Windwalzer Mar 15, 2:30 PM

Thank you for another helpful webinar.

Quise79 Mar 31, 9:45 PM

Usually The SEC rarely halts a stock intra day and if the stock releases the same news twice it's sketchy, Thanks Tim

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Windwalzer Feb 07, 9:57 PM

Thank you Mark you always give me more things to think about and watch for while trading. It's exciting to finally be able to see patterns and understand more. Now have to be brave enough to enter when I planned to instead of just watching the stock. Not sure how to get there.

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HIMMENY Feb 11, 11:38 AM

sometimes stocks will not do what i want, and you have to accept that! and embrace it! get tf out when wrong to protecc

NickPaciulli Mar 02, 6:28 PM

sometimes stocks will not do want i want, and if i cant accept that I will take unnecessary losses!!!!!

tkimbaris Apr 09, 12:10 PM

Some stocks won't do what I want.

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