Chopper_Trader Apr 09, 1:49 PM

So after a Little under a month and after 15 trades I am happy with my stats. I appreciate the Statistics section here in I think it's a great feature and I am always looking at it. So my Winning percentage is at 60% which is fine, You can still be profitable even Under 50%. But the real gauge is my average gain percentage is 60.01% and my average loss percentage is at 13.56%. with stats like that you will be profitable. So my focus going forward is to try and raise my avg gain % whi

Chopper_Trader Apr 09, 1:53 PM

While trying to reduce my losing percentage which should be easier. So overall I am up $989.90 which means that I almost tripled my account in under a month. Not bad for being rusty. I can definitely be thankfull for all the knowledge that I have gained in the challenge and from all my other sources that I have used in the past several years.

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