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Karlsson May 10, 11:04 AM

Remember that your trading the ticker not the company, because if you start to believe in the company or their products you have simply turned into an investor. Bounce plays: look for the first panic as it usually plays out just like a bouncing ball, the more times it bounces the smaller will the bounce be. You want to look for level 2 to guide you where to get in, and you also want to be super aware of numbers that can trigger stop losses to create more panic. Thanks Tim!

JustinW May 20, 6:07 PM

thanks for the videos tim

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Karlsson May 11, 7:51 AM

Haha so fun to see how lazy and close minded people can be not to even read the disclaimer.. Thanks Tim.

Peteball0101 May 23, 8:46 AM

i used to believe all this nonsense...thanks for showing me how to weed through all the dogshit

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