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AshWild Sep 10, 11:54 AM

When the wise correct you, it is kindness. I'm grateful for you and your generosity Tim. You could have made millions and lived a great life without a care about spreading your knowledge. Your knowledge gives me a chance to change my life. I am most grateful.

LizLele Sep 14, 11:02 PM

I will focus on key patterns! Thanks Tim!

rbartelme1 Sep 29, 3:03 PM

I will focus on key pattern's

HenryCraig Oct 01, 2:17 PM

Knowledge facilitates growth.

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P70KCJ Aug 27, 6:49 PM

this is my go to video when i need cheering up. Could you imagine if politicians used the same methods for their election campaigns!! it would be a masacre rotflmao. thanks tim for doing a study video, with some stand up comedy for once lol.

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