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MKanju Sep 23, 17 1:23 PM

thanks Tim !!

BigDog Oct 24, 17 10:42 PM

thanks, watched 10/24/2017, "don't force to trade, wait for the right pattern"

ZiggysMom Jun 29, 18 10:39 AM

Noting to not care about a specific sector unless its in play. Focus on big percent gainers. Don't follow news, follow price action. Sometimes the best trade is no trade. You need to study.

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CrazyWillows Dec 23, 18 6:16 PM

Pre-market... Focus on the hottest stocks and learning to take the meat of the move

CrazyWillows Dec 24, 18 12:43 AM

Good lessons in there needed to watch it again, its not just about making money its about getting the overall picture..

PocketPAT Feb 21, 10:14 PM

Thanks Tim!!! Premarket!

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