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Impossible_Advisor33 Sep 17, 2:37 AM

Of course I would like to triple my money inside of an hour Thanks Tim

HenryCraig Oct 31, 3:49 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success.... Nothing can replace time, effort and experience.

TraderJP Nov 20, 9:30 PM

Thanks Tim, I would like to triple my money in an hour.

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I'm one of your Evolved Trader students. I traded $MRNA got 1 contract 115call 31 Dec. got in on Tuesday at 1.93 and out at open Wednesday for 3.90. I have a question about ZM how come on the same day there is an article for the positive about buying ZM and then there's one that is negative. How does that usually effect a stock? I know they are Motley Fool and Seeking Alpha. Does it depend on what kind of traders are reading it or more the temperature of the market? It's frustrating when I'm trying to research and get a better read on the stock. I know the stock really doesn't have much to do with the company. They are separate. Thank you for the feedback I can use the help. I'm re-watching the bootcamp and other videos. I have to pick one and focus for now then add the others to broaden my education on trading. Thank you for all you do. Happy new year

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