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ZiggysMom Apr 11, 12:18 PM

When the variables line up it gives great risk reward that you have to take advantage of

thomasfrontera Apr 13, 11:25 PM

News, former runner, first green day, volume is there, risk/reward is good = potential buy!

axlk Jul 07, 9:48 AM

Thanks Mark. I'm feeling to get more confident in the patterns

wakalreyes Jul 31, 10:43 AM

thank mark always giving the best of best of you.

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RockRobster Dec 19, 17 7:28 PM

"You're always in control of when you can get out. The problem is, most of you guys are scared to get out because you hate the feeling of getting out and being right." - Tim S.

ZiggysMom Aug 02, 1:52 PM

Noting to know yourself. Know your strengths and weakness and stay disciplined. Past performance is indicative of future returns. Time and preparation is the secret to success. For the first few years experience is what you need to focus on. Always be planning. Marathon not a sprint.

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KeepStudying101 Aug 13, 1:42 PM

its not just 2k a day but not trying to get home runs and just getting a piece of the move. i should aim for 20 to 50 cent and get out

KeepStudying101 Aug 13, 1:44 PM

i was trading today and i was trying to get the break out when i should have just took my 20 cent per share gain but instead i held and waited and took a loss of 27 cent per share

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